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Tropos Networks is the market leader in intelligent IP broadband mesh networks that help customers build greener, safer, smarter communities.


Dynamic Wireless provides expert Tropos Networks Wireless Mesh deployment services, including the design, surveying, configuration and optimisation of Tropos wireless mesh routers and Tropos Control management software. Our experience with Tropos wireless mesh networks includes consulting, design and surveying services for large mine sites, resorts, campus and city-wide deployments.


Dynamic Wireless's Principal Consultant has worked on one of the world's largest, multi-application Tropos deployed Smart Grid networks for a major Middle East utility company. In addition, he has worked on Tropos mesh proposals for additional cities and smart communities in the Middle East, including Dubai Internet City and the Palm Jumeriah and Palm Jebel Ali Islands, and various municipal city deployments in Iraq and Saudi Arabia.


Our cutting edge knowledge in the Wireless Mesh space allows us to provide companies in Australia with the dedicated expertise required for such wireless mesh and smart grid projects; and as such we have provided GPS-calibrated AirMagnet surveys for mining, resort and campus environments in Australia. Talk to us today about how we can design the optimal wireless mesh network solution for you.


Our Boots-On-The-Ground Experience?

Some prominent regional projects we have performed onsite include:


●  Tropos Wireless Mesh GPS-Calibrated AirMagnet Site Survey for Coal Mine Sites in Queensland.

●  Tropos Wireless Troubleshooting, GPS-calibrated AirMagnet site survey, and wireless mesh optimisation for remote mine village sites in Western Australia.

●  Tropos Wireless Mesh Outdoor Guest Coverage Surveying and Optimisation for resorts, Australia

●  Tropos Wireless Mesh Design for Parklands, Australia

●  Tropos Wireless Mesh Lab Testing for city-wide coverage, South-East Asia.


Want to test Wireless Mesh Coverage?

Dynamic Wireless offers wireless mesh coverage proof-of-concept services via our Tropos MetroMesh Router. We loan out our Tropos router to customers wanting to prove wireless coverage outdoors, and is capable of being mounted to any pole vertically, horizontally and even angled poles.


We can adjust the attenuation on the RF transmit power of the Tropos router to simulate any type of setup you need, whether it be connecting smart phones in an inner-city CBD environment, connecting smart utility meters, surveillance cameras or connecting in-vehicle wireless devices. Our mesh router is capable of having its transmit power tuned from 14dBm (25mW) to a massive 36dBm (4000 mW).


Contact Us to discuss your proof-of-concept requirements and obtain a quote.



Some of the major uses for Tropos Mesh Networks include:


●  Community-wide Mesh Coverage

●  Mine site connectivity & mine village wireless access for workers

●  Utility Smart Grid Communications

●  Utility SCADA Management

●  Intelligent Transportation Systems

●  Mobile Government Workforce

●  Community Public Safety

●  Video Surveillance

●  Industrial Operations - Shipping, Mining, Construction


Below is an example of a Tropos Mesh Network for Smart Grid Automatic Metering Infrastructure (AMI):

Tropos Mesh Network

























Tropos 1410 Wireless Mesh Router and Wireless Bridge


Tropos 1410 Wireless Mesh Router and Wireless Bridge


The Tropos 1410 Wireless Mesh Router and Wireless Bridge is a compact, easy to install devices used to build field area communication networks for automation applications. Integrated firewalls and VPNs plus DNP3 over serial and Ethernet support provide enterprise-class security and future-proof operation to legacy automation devices installed in the field.The Tropos 1410 is available in two models, the Tropos 1410 and the board-level Tropos 1410-B. The Tropos 1410 comes in a ruggedized, weatherized enclosure suitable for use in extreme outdoor environments. It is available with integrated or external antennas. The Tropos 1410-B is a module suitable for integration into smart grid and other field automation devices.





Tropos 7320 Mesh Router


Tropos 7320 Mesh Router


The Tropos 7320 Mesh Router is designed to deliver high performance in outdoor environments in a full-size dual radio router with support for 802.11a/b/g/n. Architected for maximum flexibility, configurability, and resiliency including: PoE, user-selectable antennas, and battery backup. Typically used as a gateway or to power 3rd party devices such as metering collectors and video cameras.






Tropos 6320/6310 Mesh Router

Tropos 6320/6310 Mesh Router
The Tropos 6320/6310 Mesh Router is a small, lightweight high-performance router with integrated antennas in single or dual radio configurations and support for 802.11a/b/g/n. Typically used as a mesh node, the 6320/6310 is designed to provide a cost-effective, easy to deploy, high-performance networking solution for outdoor environments.









Tropos 1310 Distribution Automation Mesh Router


Tropos 1310 Distribution Automation Mesh Router



The Tropos 1310 Distribution Automation Mesh Router is an economical high performance router for connecting a wide range of smart grid distribution automation devices to a Tropos mesh network, reducing operational cost and network management complexity. Supports DNP3 protocol over serial and Ethernet ports. Centrally managed by Tropos Control, the Tropos 1310 extends the performance and coverage of a Tropos distribution area network (DAN) by adding mesh routing to DA asset.






Tropos 5320 Mesh Router



Tropos 5320 Mesh Router




The Tropos 5320 Mesh Router is a full-size dual radio router with support for 802.11a/b/g that incorporate configuration flexibility: PoE, user-selectable antennas, and battery backup. Used as a gateway or a mesh node.







Tropos 4310 Mobile Mesh Router



Tropos 4310 Mobile Mesh Router

The Tropos 4310 Mobile Mesh Router is a single-radio router which uses 802.11b/g to create a mobile infrastructure to extend a Tropos fixed wireless mesh network and expand client coverage area. At vehicular speeds, the Mobile Router supports voice, video, and data connectivity and extends the Tropos fixed network to provide access for handhelds, laptops, and other endpoint devices.






Tropos 3320/3310 Indoor Mesh Router


Tropos 3320/3310 Indoor Mesh Router

The Tropos 3320/3310 Indoor Mesh Router a small, lightweight router for seamlessly extending an outdoor Tropos mesh network indoors.  It supports 802.11g/n and is available in single or dual radio configurations, and is ideal for extending municipal, utility, enterprise, industrial, or military outdoor mesh networks into indoor offices or other facilities, the unit features a next-generation high-sensitivity radio design for superior stability and throughput.






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